Our Philosophy

At Platinum Dance we believe that everyone should explore and develop their passion for the performing arts in a safe and supportive environment.


While most people are looking for a studio that will teach their child the physical skills to participate in the performing arts, Platinum Dance offers more. At our studio, we believe in developing the whole person not just teaching a skill. Every class at Platinum Dance offers a structured curriculum that supports and encourages children to develop their skills and knowledge of the performing arts, as well as building upon their personal core values and attitudes. 


Our studio is driven by four key points;


Skills & Knowledge

At Platinum Dance we help to develop our students’ overall coordination as we teach and refine each performing arts skill by exploring the correct technique. We teach our students about the many styles and variations within each art form, as well as its defining elements. We ensure that our students are aware of key body parts and the safe practice involved to protect and help prevent injury. Platinum Dance provides opportunities such as concerts and eisteddfods for students to cultivate performance quality and stage presence. Our studio not only teaches your child how to participate in the performing arts but also how to create within the arts. We allow opportunities for student composition while teachers provide valuable guidance and feedback on their creative processes. This is a valuable skill for those looking to complete higher education or follow career paths in these areas. 


Values & Attitudes

At Platinum Dance we believe that children need strong values and good attitudes to help guide their actions now and in the future. With strong positive values children learn to make good life choices. At Platinum Dance we value respect for ourselves and others, honesty, compassion for those around us, and being a responsible person. Having a ‘can-do’ attitude is also important in life, which is why our policies encourage; persistence in achieving difficult skills, resilience in the face of disappointment, commitment to learning and confidence in demonstrating their skills.

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