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Never get bored in this 1-hour class!

Your little one will get a taste of 4 different styles of dance in one lesson. Develop basic technique in tap, jazz, ballet & acrobatics while grooving to up-beat music in a fun and friendly environment.                                                                           

 Class:  Kids love to Dance

 For ages:  5 - 6 years

 Duration:  1 hour

 Class cost:  $15 per session

 Shoes for this class:  Black jazz shoes, pink ballet shoes & black tap shoes (all sold at the studio)

 What to bring to class:  A drink

When is the class on? Click HERE for our timetable.

All ready to join? Click HERE to enrol. 

Learn to safely do bridges, cartwheels and forward rolls with friends. Get excited in learning how to dance and do simple stunts to upbeat music. Perfect for the kid that won’t sit still and is always doing tricks around the lounge room. This is a recreational fun cheerleading class.


 Class:  Mini Cheer

 For ages:  4 - 6 years

 Duration:  1 hour

 Class cost:  $15 per session

AASCF membership & personal accident insurance: $15 a year

 Shoes for this class: Plain white sneakers with a flexible sole (These shoes must only be used for this class) 

 What to bring to class: A drink

Do we need to buy a competition uniform: No, as this is a recreational class.

When is the class on? Click HERE for our timetable.

All ready to join? Click HERE to enrol. 


Frequently Asked Questions?

 What are the studio contact details? 

 Where are you located? 

170 Catherine Field road, Catherine Field, NSW

Our lessons are held either in the Catherine Field scout hall or Catherine Field community hall.


 Do your teachers have their Working with Children Check (WWCC)? 

Yes, all of our staff are required to have it. You can see their WWCC numbers on our website under the section ‘ABOUT US’ then select ‘STAFF’.


 Are you a COVID safe business? 

Yes, we are a registered COVID safe business. We have a COVID safety plan and all staff members ensure that they follow it.


 Do you have a registration fee? 

Yes, each dancer pays a once-a-year registration fee of $35.


How do I register for classes?

Simply jump on our website and click on the ‘JOIN’ tab. Follow the prompts to register your child. Then we will confirm your classes and send you an invoice.


 How are fees paid? 

Fees are invoiced by term in week 1 (we follow the school terms) and are emailed to your email given to us on registration. We prefer direct deposit into our account however, we still accept correct cash in a clearly marked envelope. You may choose to pay your fees in a fashion that suits your budget.

  • Once a term – One payment that covers the whole term worth of classes. This payment is due on week 2 of every term. Choose to pay this way and receive a 5% discount on all class fees.

  • Or twice a term – Two smaller payments that cover the term worth of classes (we still invoice for the whole term but you are only required to pay half). The first payment is due in week 2 of every term. The second payment is due in week 6 of every term.


 Do you accept Active and Creative Kid Vouchers? 

Yes, we do accept both. Just send through the voucher that you wish to use to our email address at the beginning of the term and we will adjust the amount owing on your invoice.


 What if I miss a lesson? 

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds or make up classes.


 Do you have a concert? 

Yes, we have an end of year concert in December at the Camden Civic Centre that everyone performs in. Each family can buy as many tickets as they wish. When other performance opportunities come up, we also offer these to our students such as Camden Show & football game entertainment shows.

 Do you have a uniform? 

We expect all of our students to wear the correct shoes for each class and to dress in stretchy, form fitting clothes in the studio colours of black, silver and the Platinum Dance blue colour. If you really want to feel like part of the team, we have professional clothing items that can be ordered or purchased via our website but these items are not mandatory.


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