Tap, Jazz & Ballet

To be a great dancer first you must learn the basics, and what a better place to start learning the correct technique behind the movements than with our exam classes. Exam classes in tap, jazz and ballet are graded by difficulty and build your child's SKILL and STRENGTH in dance in a safe and logical manner. Our studio offers exam classes in the ADA (previously FATD) syllabus for jazz, tap and ballet. While we encourage our students to complete the exam at the end of the year, they are not compulsory.

Hip Hop

If traditional styles of dance are a little too rigid, then our FUN hip hop class is what you need. Learn the basics of how to pop, lock, break and boogaloo. In this style of dance there is no right or wrong, just INDIVIDUAL STYLE and your own personal groove.   

Performance Class

This class is for children who wish to perform in competitions, charity fundraisers, shopping centre events etc. Performance Class is for the dancer who wishes to do more with dance than just do a few classes. It's about becoming an ELITE dancer with strong technique and excellent performance quality. This class is sure to boost your child's CONFIDENCE and present them with many opportunities throughout their life. 

To qualify for this class, students must also be enrolled in exam classes for tap, jazz & ballet, as this helps to develop strong technique. Our studio offers a discount on this bundle of classes to help make this choice an AFFORDABLE one for our families. Students wishing to do this class must also have good class attendance & be available to perform at all required events. 


READY! OKAY! Learn the skills of the American Cheerleading Syllabus from the Australian All Stars Cheerleading Federation (AASCF). This is an EXCITING and ENERGETIC sport that includes stunts, tumbling, tosses and dance.

Platinum Dance offers a FREE TRIAL class on request before you sign up. This means that you will have peace of mind that your child LOVES the class before you join.


Our studio is an AFFORDABLE, family friendly place which is why we don't insist on expensive uniform purchases. Instead we have uniform colours which are black, silver and our Platinum blue colour. So, your child can develop their individual style while still feeling like part of a team.

Bring a friend with you to class and receive a 5% DISCOUNT on next terms fees when they join up.


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